• Brasov City – Old Center

    Brasov City – Old Center

    You may visit Brasov Council Square, the Black Church, the String Street, Saint Nicholas’ Church, Graft’s Bastion, Ecaterina Gate and many other tourist objectives.

  • Poiana Brașov

    Poiana Brașov

    Poiana Brasov offers 12 skiing slopes with different difficulty levels, sports grounds, a lake, many clubs, bars and restaurants.

  • Bran Castle

    Bran Castle

    Bran Castle (in German Torzburg, in Hungarian Torcsvar) is an historic and architectonic monument located in Bran-Rucar passage, at 30 km from Brasov.

  • Aquatic Paradise

    Aquatic Paradise

    The Aquatic Paradise Complex, open since 23rd of July 2007 in Brasov, provides, during all seasons, modern covered or indoor pools, water toboggans, top SPA and indoor football field and a terrace.

  • Râșnov Citadel

    Râșnov Citadel

    Rasnov Citadel is a fortification complex situated on a calcareous hill in the southern city of Rasnov in Brasov County, one of the best preserved fortified citadels from Transilvania.

  • Brasov Aventura Park

    Brasov Aventura Park

    Brasov Aventura Park comprises 4 terraces of progressive difficulty levels. Each participant to the adventure receives a safety equipment provided with 2 carbines which must be permanently worn for safety.